About Merchant 1 Payments

We understand that transactions are the life blood of your business. We work with you to tailor the best and most reliable solutions for you and your customers.

Our mission is to use cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the most cost-effective method to process credit and debit card purchases in order to increase their profitability. Merchant 1 Payments is perfectly staged to create a strategic alliance with our partners to provide the most advanced merchant-payment system available in today’s global marketplace.

Merchant 1 Payments provides the technologies and services that your business needs to fully and effectively monetize your customer relationships.

Merchant 1 Payments is your number 1 merchant services north america has to offer!

Our Pillars



  • We were founded in 1999.
  • We work with businesses of all sizes – including restaurants, retailers, chain stores, franchises, hospitality and lodging establishments, direct marketers as well as Internet and mail order/telephone order businesses.



We are a fully-registered service provider for both Visa and MasterCard, in full compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard, EMV Standards and the Code of Conduct for the Credit and Debit Card Industry.



We work with clients in a proactive manner, ensuring the best balance of up-to-date technology, reliable service and affordability.

“We offer merchants an affordable alternative in an otherwise less-than-transparent market.”

Merchant 1 Payments is the best north american merchant services for your needs

Our Promise


We understand that transactions are the life blood of our clients’ success. We work with you to ensure the best and most reliable solutions are at hand for you and your customers every day.

A Company You Can Trust


  • 100% Canadian owned and operating company.
  • Founded in 1999.
  • Processing Billions in annual transaction volume.
  • Quickest growing company in the merchant industry.
  • Servicing Merchants in both Canada & the United States.
  • One of Canada’s best managed companies.
  • Next day funding.
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Merchant 1 Payments is the best north american merchant services for your needs

Associations / Franchises / Multi-Merchant Locations


Merchant 1 Payments enthusiastically establishes partnerships with franchises, associations and multi-merchant locations that provide goods and services to merchants. We offer our partners the ability to increase their revenue streams by reselling highly profitable payment processing services with no liability exposure. Our programs require minimal training and enable our partners to maximize the profit potential of their merchant client base. Programs offered include those for Financial Institutions, Value Added Resellers, Industry Alliance Partners, and Franchisers.

Merchant 1 Payments is the best north american merchant services for your needs

Services Available


  • Credit Card Processing
  • Interac Debit Card Processing
  • Point-of-sale Hardware and Software
  • eCommerce Gateway Solutions
  • Moto
  • Online reporting

Partner Benefits


  • No liability exposure
  • Minimal training required
  • Online reporting
  • Marketing support
  • Lower credit card and debit rates.
  • 365 days a year 24/7 customer service